Suspended Ceilings

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Suspended Ceilings

At Corbett Internal Linings, we have the capabilities to install suspended ceilings in almost any property. Our experienced team have worked on a wide range of projects. This has enabled us to assist our clients to choose the perfect ceiling options to meet their needs.

Suspended Ceilings are a very popular choice in commercial properties. They are widely found in office areas, supermarkets, hotels, factories and clubs. This is because they provide a wide range of benefits including:

Easy Access

They offer easy access for maintenance of electrical, plumbing and air conditioning systems. This makes it easy for trades people to undertake repairs and maintenance which in turn reduces costs.

Tidy Finish

Suspended Ceilings provide a professional finish to your commercial premise by hiding electrical wiring, plumbing pipes and air conditioning systems.

Less Costly to Repair

On most occasions, they are less costly to repair. It is very easy to replace damaged ceiling tiles or panels, making them a great option for commercial properties.

Wide Range of Applications

Suspended Ceilings can be installed in a wide range of commercial premises including offices, hotels, gyms, factories and restaurants to name a few.

Variety of Styles

There is a wide variety of styles to choose from making it very easy to match your ceiling with your interior design.

What Are Suspended Ceiling?

Suspended Ceilings (sometimes referred to as drop ceilings) are secondary ceilings suspended from an above structure such as a floor slab.

They typically consist of a framework of metal tracks suspended from the main ceiling using wires. Tiles or panels are placed in the metal framework which forms a secondary ceiling below the primary ceiling.